A new mommy's mishaps, mayhem, and majesty

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I feel a change in the winds

so many changes are happening...and every once in a while, there is enough change going on around me that I freak out a little bit. Lily just by herself is a little bundle of change; she has new developments every day, whether learning to spit, getting just a little bit stronger, or finally realizing that she can roll over and is doing it all the time, even though she learned months ago. Not to mention giggling and shrieking up a storm whenever the mood strikes her.

My sister is getting married in 3 days and endowed in 2. I am happy for her but can't help but feel a little jealous as well. She is getting married in the Oquirrh Mountain temple. I feel a little jealous because it was nearly 2 years before Matt and I were sealed, along with our little baby Lily just a few months ago. It felt like an uphill battle from the moment we got engaged, and I can't help wishing it was easy and right off just like the other couples I see go straight into a temple marriage.

On the other hand, I was endowed nearly a year before our sealing and just days before conceiving Lily, so I had a child and plenty of time to adjust before we were stuck together like glue. Actually,it was an amazing experience to have her there with us at the altar. It is a lot to take in, and Kristynn will have less than a day between taking out her endowments and getting sealed. I like having had more than one day, but I still wish it didn't take so long.

I also know that there are other changes in myself that I need to make if I want to achieve the goals that I/ we have set. I'd really love to not spend as much money on our groceries- I am gonna try out couponing as a new hobby. I don't think I'd ever get as crazy as the people on tv, but maybe I could save a few bucks.